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FAQ | Sick Surfaces


             What is AES and how it “works”


  1.   AES is an epoxy based product that can be applied to just about any flat surface. The Epoxy products that Sick Surfaces uses is formulated for several different purposes. The first is used mainly but not limited to kitchen counter tops, backslashes and table tops. The second is used but not limited to floors and the third is almost exclusively used for wood bar tops.

  2.   Our counter top formula is a very unique and diverse product allowing us to do some “Sick” things with it. For example, we can apply the Artistic Epoxy to a piece of sheet metal or thin sheet of fiberglass. Once the epoxy has cured for a day or two we can affix the sheet to a wall, door, or just about anything you can think of. We can even affix it to a curved surface!

  3.   Our floor product is formulated for just that. It has a slightly different look and feel that is made for walking on but we can still put that Artistic look in the epoxy.

  4.   Lastly is the bar top formula. It is set-up for the high traffic demands of a commercial bar top or table top. Again, we can apply our Artistic look to give you bar one killer look.

  5.   With all three we apply our signature AES look so you can have a beautiful and unique “Sick Surface”. Call us today so we can get started on your one of a kind project.

                                                                       AES Pricing


  Sick Surfaces knows that every project needs to be special but usually has a budget associated with it. Because our product IS so special there tends to be several variables that drive the cost. In general, if the AES is applied to MDF or something comparable, pricing starts at about $45.00 per square foot. Depending on the material it is applied to, how many stages of color that is required, what type of prep needs to be done, the level of Artistry and many other variables, prices could rival Marble or Granite but will have a much more impressive look. 

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